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and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. it's unclear whether or not negotiations are proving effective as the chicago teacher's union enters day five of their strike, leaving students out of the classroom. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's judy wang has been following the strike negotiations this morning and has the latest developments... >>the teachers union house of delegates is scheduled to meet at 2:00 this afternoon the goal is to have a deal to present to the delegates by that time. the
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school board president believes it's doable and that a deal is possible today the c t u does not appear to be as confident ... >>we had some good conversations. it's a sign ... i just hope you guys know something that we don't ... both sides had a 15 hour bargaining session and left the chicago hilton head about 45 minutes after midnight ... karen lewis to not speak to the media going into the 9:00 session this morning ... the latest offer to the teachers is a 16 percent raise over four years ... but negotiators indicate they are making progress on the sticking points of the teacher evaluations and the recall plan
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for the laid-off teachers there were crunching numbers all night on the costs of that recall plan ... barbara bennett said that the two sides are pretty close ... >>it's not a lot keeping us apart what i do believe it's hard to separate the issues that are interrelated teacher evaluations are related to these layoffs recalls ... this is what makes the negotiations so difficult ... contract talks continue inside the hilton if they can get a deal to the union house of delegates by 2:00 this afternoon the delegates could vote and the teacher's strike could be ended with students back in class by monday morning that's of things go well today. the mayor has scheduled a news conference on a non strike related issue press conference has been postponed that rarely happens but reporters what if pressed him
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for answers on the strike and no reason was given for the postponement of this other press conference chicago public school janitors and other union workers are throwing their support behind cps teachers on the picket line today. wgn's nancy loo joins us from roberto clemente high school in humboldt park with more on this show of solidarity: >>it is not just the teachers and the more it there are janitors and security officers and other union members on the picket lines today as a show of solidarity from the major union ... it's making the call for new teachers contract even louder ... the seiu local 1 1500 janitors and security officer atthroughout the cps ... there
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were able to join the picket lines today na show of solidarity ... they feel it's imperative to send this message to the emanuel administration and the school board ... >>this affects all of us not just the teachers ... this affects our union and the kids as well ... maybe will get something going today ... >>this union says that many janitors are remaining on the job they do have the option of not crossing the picket line they can join and with the protests and many have ... a new development in lake forest where teachers are in their
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fourth day of a strike. lake forest high school officials say if teachers remain on strike into next week school will reopen monday. student attendance will be mandatory... and the school will have a full day of academic instruction. school buses will be running and most athletic events will also be held. it is not clear how the schools would operate... and who will be teaching classes. a judge has found a 72 year old seattle man guilty of kidnap and murder in a 1957 murder. jack mccullough was pronounced guilty this morning by a dekalb county judge for the death of 7 year-old maria ridulph. the child was killed near her home in sycamore, and her body found miles away. a friend of marias testified that she and maria were playing a game on a street corner when mccullough walked up and introduced himself as johnny. moments later, the man gave maria a piggyback ride... and she never saw her friend again. vaughn is charged with killing his wife and three children five years ago. the defense says his wife, kimberly, committed murder and suicide because of vaughn's infidelity and the medication she was on.
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to make their case vaughn's sister-in-law was asked about medical problems. she testified, "kimberly told her" she suffered a panic attack about a month before she died. the witness also said that kimberly thought her migraine and blood pressure medications were increasing her anxiety. the federal reserve has unveiled a new plan to buy bonds, in order to stimulate the economy. the policy is called quantitative easing. it entails biying 40-billion dollars worth of mortgage- backed securities every month indefinitely. the fed will re-evaluate the economy periodically to determine an end date. interest rates will also be kept low until at least the middle of 2015. officials hope the plan will keep credit cheap and generate more spending...which they say could kickstart hiring. don't expect illinois lawmakers to pass pension reform this year. senate president john cullerton says there are not enough votes to pass any changes right now. republicans refuse to support a democrat bill that would shift some teacher pension costs onto local school districts. cullerton says lawmakers may be
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more willing to pass something after the november elections. coming up next: violent demonstrations enter their fourth day as anti- american protests continue across the mideast. also ahead: the new lawsuit involving the beef additive that became known as "pink slime." and, not so fast.... an announcement from apple about the newest i-phone and why initial shipments will be delayed.
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protests fueled by an anti-islam movie are spreading across the middle east. violent demonstrations at embassies in libya, egypt and yemen followed the release of the movie "the innocence of muslims" by a businessman living in california. egyptian riot police tried to disperse a huge crowd of protesters outside the u.s. embassy in cairo. demonstrations there have been going on for four days. protesters in tunisia jumped over the wall of the u.s. embassy compound today .. breaking windows and setting fires to trees. in afghanistan ... hundreds of
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demonstrators burned a u.s. flag and chanted "death to america." and in khartoum, sudan ... protesters broke into the german embassy and hoisted an islamic flag. in libya .. authorities have been rounding up suspects in tuesday's deadly attack on the u-s consulate. the attack killed four americans ... including u.s. ambassador christopher stevens. relatives say he was all about "bringing people together." stevens stepbrother lives in peoria. he says he's trying not to point fingers. i have no inclination to plan the libyan people muslims or anyone of any religion for what happened ... stevens' stepfather remembers the diplomat as a "beautifully even-tempered person." also killed were state department computer expert sean smith ... and security officers glen doherty and tyrone woods. a new u.s. intelligence report warns extremist violence sparked spread to the u.s. the intelligence bulletin doesn't mention specific threats .... but says first responders should be aware of large demonstrations ... and efforts to encourage peaceful protesters to commit acts of violence. the bulletin says extremist groups could exploit anger over the film to recruit new members. it also advises faith-based groups to report any suspicious pre-planning actvities.
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during a time of major turmoil in the middle east ... pope benedict is in lebanon for a three-day visit. it's the pope's fourth trip to the region. here he is meeting with lebanese president michael suleiman who is a christian. the pope has not commented on the latest embassy violence .. but has said the arab spring has been positive ... because it represents a desire for more democracy and freedom. a moroccan man who admitted plotting to blow up the u-s. capitol in a suicide attack has been sentenced to 30 years in prison. amine el khalifi pleaded guilty
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to a charge of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction against government property. el khalifi was arrested in february during an fbi sting operation. authorities say he accepted what he thought was a suicide vest containing explosives and a gun. he put on the vest and was quickly taken into custody as he tried to leave a parking garage and walk toward the capitol building. a volcano eruption has forced 35 thousand people to evacuate their homes in guatemala. the 12,000 ft. "volcan de fuego" began sweeping ash at about 10 o'clock yesterday morning near antigua. white smoke poured out of it by late afternoon. it's the volcano's sixth eruption this year -- and the strongest. people who live within 12 miles
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of the mountain are being shuttled out of harm's way. ten shelters that could house 200 people were opened in at least two villages. abc news is being hit with a billion dollar defamation lawsuit by the makers of a beef additive that became known as "pink slime." in the 1.2 billion dollar incorporated claims abc misled viwers into believing its lean textured beef product, dubbed "pink slime" was unsafe...and not even meat. b-p-i says those reports caused it to lose 80-percent of its business. the additive after coming under fire for putting the filler in its patties. taco bell and burger king have reportedly discontinued using it as well. b-p-i says those reports caused it to lose 80-percent of its business. abc news says the lawsuit is without merit. michael lewinsky is reportedly shopping a new book but many have been asked to sign nondisclosure agreements as a little is known about what will be published this would be her second book her first book was called monica this story ...
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u.s. markets are rallying ... oil prices have risen past $100 a barrel part of it has to do with the carryover from the latest plan by the feds to stimulate the economy and the unrest in the middle east ... retail sales in august increased by the most in six months because of the demand for automobiles and more spending on the gasoline ... all of this translates into higher consumer prices the index climbed in august by the most in more than three years by six tenths of a percent reflecting the recent surge in fuel and food costs ... homeownership nationally is
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45% cheaper that includes the factors of property taxes and closing costs ... the average monthly costs of owning his $821 half as much as it granting ... as renting... in the hamptons on the east end of long island ... housing prices reno are through the roof ... but shore locations and michigan are getting popular for vacationers from every state ...
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rising bank fees have many consumers joking about stashing their cash beneath the floorboards in their home... but how many are actually closing their accounts? a new fdic report suggests nearly ten million american households are living without a checking or savings account. southern states have the largest percentage of "unbanked" residents - nearly ten percent. the report says some reasons people don't use financial institutions are lack of money high bank fees, or mistrust of banks. just one hour after the new i- phone five was available on the online store, apple has already had to push back the shipping date. apple initially promised a release date of september 21st... but the pre-order page for the phone now says all models will be shipped in two weeks if ordered online today. the i-phone five is also available through its phone carriers... at&t, verizon and sprint... all of which are reporting an expected delivery date of september 21st. next: several chicago area marines receive the highest military honor. also coming up: you're aware of service dogs for the visually impaired... how one organization is training "mans best friend" to help diabetics. and live music this day from kelly hogan!
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noú]@?@ó@,ç?ú@ó@46ú?ñstú] ç@xúópç0ó né'húç@@o@oúw@émúó@w@? @ó@ç ñ0=úop2@ox?ú8ú2 mvñ@x@7@[xvúy ÷xxñ÷7x ú@çññ@vñqpúpúuúçúó@w
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?@vñ an 83 year-old woman from woodstock has been charged in the hit-and-run death of a 6 year-old boy. vera mae phillip was released on $50,000 bail after she turned herself in thursday. she is facing felony charges for the fatal accident. police say she fatally struck 6 year-old bryan silva as he was walking with his family in the 4600 block of franklinville road just southwest of woodstock last saturday night. police tracked down her car on a tip from a local body shop. she is due in court on september 26th. a man was killed early this morning when he drove his pickup the wrong way on interstate 80 in indiana. it happened around 1:30 near the 12-mile marker, about two miles east of the broadway exit. the dead man has been identified as 35 year-old timothy lieb of hobart. he drove westbound in the eastbound lanes, until he hit a semi head-on. police are checking to determine whether lieb had been
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drinking. the semi driver wasn't hurt. the body of a peoria woman missing since monday -- was found by a farmer using a combine to harvest corn. the body of tashyra mcdowell was caught in the combine on a farm in the town of edelstein -- twenty miles north of peoria mcdowell died from several gunshot wounds, according to the coroner. on monday, mcdowell's 7 year old autistic son was found alone in their home. an ex-boyfriend is reportedly a person of interested in the case. two people were shot just minutes apart in the ukrainian village neighborhood. a woman was robbed and shot in the hip in the one thousand block of north damen avenue. she's in critical condition. it happened about one thirty this morning. five minutes later, a man was robbed and shot in the face in the 2100 block of west thomas street. he's in stable condition. no suspects are in custody. elsewhere in chicago seven people were shot yesterday including a 12 year old boy on a bicycle. six local marines were honored this morning with the highest civilian honor bestowed by congress. last november, president obama
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signed into law legislation to award the montford point marines the congressional gold medal for their contributions to the marine corps and american society. in 1941, president roosevelt signed an executive order allowing african-americans to be recruited in the marine corps. they trained at montford point north carolina. there are about 500 montford marines still living today. another reason to call your dog -- man's best friend. an organization in tennesse is training dogs to help daibetics. ann walling collects swabs and t-shirts with saliva and sweat samples from diabetics when their sugar levels drop below 70. the distinct scent diabetics put off during these sugar lows is first introduced to dogs in their crates at dinner time, then in containers as part of a game and eventually the scent is planted on the owners body for the dog to react. the trainer started the program because her son was diabetic. the fear for me was that if
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during the night his blood sugar would decline none of us would know this ... most family dogs can become diabetic alert dogs. but walling says a laid back dog probably wouldn't be the best because he might not wake you up. that's a tremendous idea >>using that extraordinary sense of smell ... why let constipation slow you down? try miralax. mirlax works differently than other laxatives. it draws water into your colon to unblock your system naturally. don't wait to feel great. miralax.
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we might tie the record for the most 82 agreed days we have had this year we just might do that this weekend we are 280 degree days away ... we have a beautiful weekend on the line on the last ...way, nonetheless... yesterday the mold count reached the alert level of 50,000 and that prompted an air quality alert ... the advisories are down today to the moderate level ... however the people with allergies are probably still sensitive ... here is where the temperature
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drops are going we are warming by about 3 degrees ... temperatures are rebounding. overnight low temperatures way of north for about 37 degrees ... we were 55 degrees overnight here in chicago. it is currently 71 degrees in lincoln park. 66 degrees up in green bay wisconsin where we play the packers last night ... here are the local temperatures
12:31 pm
the readings are getting warmer once again ... one of the big weather stories is the pattern changed dumping those cold air masses in the area ... today we expect temperatures to rise to the mid-70s and flirt with 80 degrees tomorrow. we had a big temperature dropped yesterday it was a bake meteorological slap in the face ... we have a cool night on the way. low humidity.
12:32 pm
moderate mold spores moderate ragweed and pollen counts today. those showers that went through the area produced about a quarter of an inch of rain. we are up to 101 days with temperatures at 80 degrees or more with two more we talk for 2005 record that's 142 years of record keeping this is a benchmark of the kind of summer we've had ... it will be mild with lots of sunshine through the weekend
12:33 pm
we are watching how low the temperatures will be going ... we will be about 10 degrees below normal for the next 10 days or so ... but lots of sunshine is on the way. today we will be in the mid-70s we will be into the '50's and '40's overnight depending on where you are ... we will be hovering at 80 degrees tomorrow and possibly sunday as well ... they will be into the '30's overnight in minnesota this evening ... parts of the dakotas
12:34 pm
will be in the nineties ... that's this weekend ... we are looking at that buckle in the jet stream that will be crashing next week bringing us extremely cold air for this time of the year daytime high temperatures will only reach the low 60s ... that's the middle of next week. we should be enjoying this gorgeous weekend we have coming ... that greenlandic bucking pattern is coming it pushes much cooler air down to the lower 48 united states ...
12:35 pm
today we have sunshine with lower you meditatecommitte humfdity.. the weekend forecast looks as good as it gets.... time now for today's trivia question: where was the battle of the aleutian islands fought? a. maine b. washington c. alaska the answers. m uuele hi,
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time for sports: jay cutler was confident about his new offense heading up to green bay, but his struggles at lambeau field continued. the offensive line could not stop the packers' pass rush. in the second, clay matthews blows by jamarcus webb for one of his 3 1/2 sacks... cutler went down seven times. bears trail three-nothing late in the second, when the packers fake a field goal, and tight end tom crabtree goes into the endzone untouched. bears down 16-3 in the fourth... cutler tries to air it out for brandon marshal, but
12:39 pm
he's intercepted again... cutler was picked off four times. bears lose 23-10... that's five straight losses in green bay. the bears also lost matt forte to a right ankle injury in the third quarter, and he did not return. the extent of the injury is unknown. forte managed 31 yards on seven carries, and actually led the team with 49 receiving yards. michael bush finished the game with 54 rushing yards, and he says he's ready to assume a greater load if forte misses time. the white sox remain in first place without winning or losing last night.
12:40 pm
tigers was rained out, so they still lead by a game. gavin floyd will start the make- up game on the south side on monday. the sox travel to minnesota tonight. the cubs were off yesterday, and host pittsburgh this afternoon, right here on wgn. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. here are the winning pick three numbers: 7 1 6
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here are the winning pick four numbers: 9 2 5 8 the power ball jackpot is up to $125 million
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a new study suggests men from divorced families have a higher than men from non-divorced families. researchers at the university of toronto found adult men have a three-times higher risk of having a stroke if their parents were divorced before they reached age 18. scientists speculate it could be because of an increased amount of cortisol, a hormone created by stress. that could affect how boys react to stress as they get older. interestingly, the study did not find the same risk for daughters of divorced parents. the food and drug administration is warning consumers who use topical pain relievers that some of the products can cause
12:45 pm
serious burns. the fda has received more than 40 reports of skin injuries from over-the counter products ... they include creams, lotions ointments and patches. the brands are ben-gay, icy hot, capzasin, flexall and metholatum. injuries ranged from mild to severe burns... some requiring hospitalization. according to the fda the blistering happened within 24 hours of a single application. for the first time ever, scientists have used human embryonic stem cells to improve the hearing of deaf anaimals. the stem cells were used to make immature nerve cells that were transplanted into the deaf ears of 18 gerbils. ten weeks later, the gerbils' hearing ability had improved by an average of 46 percent. the experiment involved an uncommon form of deafness that affects fewer than one to 15 percent of hearing-impaired people. and the treatment woul not necessarily apply to all cases of that disorder. lunchbreak is next. you know our guest from the food network's "chopped"... amanda freitag is here with a
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seasonal recipe for zucchini and tomato salad.
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. . . . . . a summer zucchini and tomato panzanella salad... chef amanda freitag has battled bobby flay on "iron chef america"... and she's a regular judge on the food network's "chopped". she's in town to demo recipes at "cultivate chicago"... the event is tomorrow in lincoln park. thanks for being here. >>i am really excited about this festival it is sponsored by chipotle ... they want to bring
12:49 pm
together sustainable food music and lots of great information and ideas ... there will have things for children and music it will be for a good cause and are very affordable because it's free we're using beautiful garden herbs ... it's one of my favorite things to do with raw zucchini. you get all of those great nutrients and that nice texture and crunch i just use lemon juice and olive oil i brush this on to those thinly sliced zucchini pieces and i let that marinate it's like kirk spacciaike a carpaccio only vegetarian
12:50 pm
... this is a tradition of the panzanella salad i use some mint and some basil as well i have toasted cheese croutonscroutons.... and i am using this variety of
12:51 pm
smaller cherry tomatoes all grown locally some of them heirloom ... they are giving up some great juice ... i combine that with some vinegar and some olive oil for the dressing and i put in a a bit of finely chopped garlic ... this is very healthy and very impressive and very colorful it's just a few ingredients is so simple to make ... go to your firm standslocal farm stands!
12:52 pm
you can serve this on a big platter family style. you can use fresh mozzarella cheese to accompany the salad ... this is a feast for the eyes ... it all tastes as good as it looks. we have lots of great chefs
12:53 pm
participating in this eve and coming upnt coming up ... it should be really fun the weather will be perfect ... amanda freitag, thanks so much for joining us. "cultivate chicago" is in lincoln park from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. to learn more, go to: for today's recipe, or to watch the segment again, log on to: ot sfilodour
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downy's pretty much saving our clothes. yeah, ultra downy saves loads. time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: where was the battle of the aleutian islands fought? a. maine b. washington c. alaska the answer: alaska during world war ii, the japanese invaded the aleutian islands, which are part of alaska. initially, the us did not resist the invasion, but later retook the islands. this battle marked the only time since the war of
12:56 pm
1812 that u.s. territory in north america had been occupied by a foreign power. we have perfect weekend whether eather.... the real chill is up in the northern part of this continent ... the next big troth is developing where you see here on the map the jet stream is buckling ... that warm air will spill back here for the weekend the days will be warm the knights will be cool but on tuesday, we will see some moderation we will get a 1-2 punch with that cold air we're
12:57 pm
going into a subnormal temperature. phase.... the wind will be like this weekendght this weekend ... the chill will enter our area on monday afternoon ... but until then enjoy the sunshine ... in the upper midwest we will see some frost advisory's overnight ... and those wildfires continue out to the western united states ... we will be in the '80s saturday and sunday that will tie the record for the most a degree-days so far it will be close with the 2005 record ... we will see windy cooler
12:58 pm
temperatures with some showers tuesday we will rebound to 72 degrees by wednesday or thursday but later next week we will drop again to a cooler temperature on sunday we have any sea ble prostate cancer walken and run ... that's in lincoln park thanks for joining us today. we hope you have a great afternoon. remember we are back at 5:00 this evening and again at 9:00. we leave you with more music from kelly hogan. she's on stage tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 at the hideout... located at 1354 west wabansia right here in chicago. doors open at 11:30 a.m. to learn more, go to: kelly
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